Dr. Jonida Xhyra-Entorf: übersetzen, Dolmetschen und Sprachunterricht

Language courses


European integration without considering multiple languages and the specific european regional cultures which had not been noticed until recently is not possible. For this reason the Albanian language plays a stronger role in the European context.

I have a extensive experience in Albanian as a foreign language in different universities and adult education centres. Together with my practical experience in German as a foreign language, my access to technical literature and my PhD with the emphasis on semantics complete the picture.

Within my language courses active skills (the speaking itself) as well as passive skills (the understanding) will be conveyed and intensified. Depending on the level of ability this will be done by using textbooks, selected texts and audio-visual teaching materials as well as with materials created by myself. The course contents and frequency will be adapted to the individual requirements and targets of the interested persons (be it a single person or a small group).

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